World Book Day

It’s World Book Day today.  Growing up, I used to read loads of books and many of them had a big impact on my decision to become a vet.  I thought I would share a few of them with you here.

Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels

Animal Ark tells the story of two children, Mandy and James, and their adventures with various creatures.  Mandy’s parents are vets and come across all sorts of animals in need of rescue.  In 2018, a new series called ‘Animal Ark Revisited’ was launched, with 2 new young helpers at the surgery – Amelia and Sam.

James Herriot

James Herriot (real name Alf Wight) was a vet in Yorkshire whose memoirs start in the 1930s. His books are a great mix of drama and comedy as he describes the people he meets and the situations he finds himself in, both in normal veterinary practice and during his time in the RAF in the Second World War. I find his descriptions of veterinary surgery fascinating, looking at how the progression of medicine made such a difference to the profession and the animals that we treat.

Pet Care books

Growing up, I was not allowed to have many pets, certainly not a cat or dog, but that didn’t stop me getting lots of books to learn how to care for them!  Many of the books I had are now very out-of-date, so if you are buying a pet care book, make sure it has been published fairly recently.

Veterinary books

As I got older, I started getting books which would help me understand the things I was seeing on work experience at veterinary practices, and try to get a bit of a head-start for university (although that didn’t work so well!).  Blacks Veterinary Dictionary was the first ‘proper’ vet book that I got.

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