What does neutering cost?

Rabbit on table with anaesthetic mask
Rabbit recovering from anaesthetic

The cost of neutering will vary depending on where in the country you live, how experienced your vet is with rabbits and what medications and post-operative advice is provided.  As a very rough guide, prices may range from around £50-£100 for castration and £80-£150 for spaying.  Castration costs less because it is a simpler and quicker procedure.

Questions to ask your vet:

  1. What is included in the cost?  Make sure that you know what the headline price includes.  Because people shop around for neutering prices, vets will often try to keep these as low as possible, but that might mean that they don’t include certain things in the main price, so you may have to pay extra for things like post-operative checks and pain relief.
  2. What monitoring equipment and anaesthetic facilities do they have?  More basic facilities will cost less but may make the procedure less safe.  Rabbits should have an endotracheal tube placed to provide anaesthetic gas and oxygen, particularly for longer procedures such as spays but not all vets are confident with doing this in rabbits.
  3. What hospitalisation facilities do they have?  Ideally, rabbits should be housed apart from cats and dogs to reduce stress.  In general, having the correct facilities will increase the cost.

The bottom line is, don’t just go on the headline price as the cheapest neuter may be less safe.  Check your vet’s experience with neutering rabbits and ensure that you are happy with the facilities and service provided.

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