Top Christmas presents for rabbits 2016

What would be on your rabbit’s letter to Santa?  Here are some ideas for festive treats for your bunny friend/s.

An edible house

Rabbits love to chew and to have a nice safe hidey-hole.  Provide 2-in-1 with this Grass House.

A friend

If you have a single rabbit, it is likely that if you asked him/her, their greatest request would be for a companion.  Rabbits need the company of other rabbits and can suffer from chronic stress on their own (although as humans we are not very good at noticing this).  Give your bunny and another bunny their best Christmas ever by rehoming a new friend from a rescue centre.  Many centres will provide a ‘speed dating’ service to help find the best match.  Visit Rabbit Rehome to find a deserving bunny in your area.  How about the aptly named ‘Mistletoe‘?!


Let your rabbits have free access to outside space at all times with the Runaround system.  Choose a layout to suit you and your rabbits and add to it when you can.

Treat ball

Encourage your rabbits to play and forage with this treat ball.  The carrots on the side are great to allow your rabbit to pick up and throw the ball and the adjustable opening can make the challenge easy or hard.  Great to alleviate boredom and provide hours of fun.

Tasty herbs

Rabbits love herbs and these packets of dried herbs and treats from Burns are a great way to provide a tasty treat for your bunnies.

Winter warmth

It can be cold for outdoor bunnies in winter so consider treating them to a Snugglesafe heat pad.  This reusable pad is heated up in the microwave and can stay warm for up to 10 hours helping to keep your rabbits as snug as a bug in a rug.

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