Top Christmas presents for dogs 2016

Spoil your dog this Christmas with this selection of gifts for the special friend in your life.

Advent Calendar

Treat your pet to a countdown to the big day with a Lily’s Kitchen advent calendar – a tasty, natural treat behind every window and a fun, festive scene.

Adaptil collar

Christmas can be a stressful time as well as fun.  Help your dog to cope with all the changes to his routine over the festive season by providing him with an Adaptil collar which releases calming pheromones. Helpful if you are travelling over Christmas and New Year, have lots of guests coming, or to help with the New Year fireworks!

Flashing collar

Don’t just light up your Christmas tree, light up your dog too!  Make sure you can see your dog when he is running on those dark winter walks and keep him safe in traffic as well.  This Canac K9 Lite Safety collar has reflective material as well as flashing lights.


It’s a classic but for a good reason. These Kong toys satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts and can help keep them occupied while you are out or just busy doing other things. There are even special versions for puppies and for extra strong chewers.

Agility set

Have fun with your dog and take up a new sport!  This agility course can be set up in your back garden or in a park and can help keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated.  You may even decide to take it to the next level and join an agility club!

Christmas bandana

Celebrate Christmas in style by giving your dog his own Christmas accessory and help raise money for Guide Dogs at the same time with this Christmas bandana with LED lights.

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