Top Christmas presents for cats 2016

Spoil your cat this Christmas with this selection of gifts for the special feline in your life.

Advent Calendar

Treat your pet to a countdown to the big day with a Lily’s Kitchen advent calendar – three natural, tasty treats behind each window and a fun, festive, feline scene on the front.


Christmas can be a stressful time as well as fun.  Cats are particularly sensitive to changes in routine and may find Christmas visitors and celebrations hard to cope with.  A Feliway diffuser plugged in your home can help to make them feel safe and secure.

Water fountain

Cats often prefer to drink running water, dripping taps are often a favourite.  Drinking plenty of water is essential for a cat’s health as well, particularly those prone to urinary or kidney problems.  Provide a constant supply of running water by giving your cat his own water fountain!

Catnip toys

An excellent stocking-filler, cats go crazy for catnip.  These Kong Kickeroo catnip toys stimulate your feline friend’s hunting instincts and provide hours of fun with their crinkly noise and fluffy tails.

Cat tree

Cats love to climb and look out on their territory from a height.  Providing your cat with a cat tree will enable them to exhibit this natural behaviour and encourage exercise.  Cat trees are particularly important for indoor cats but any cat will appreciate you going to this effort.  This Rapunzel Large Cat Tree has plenty to stimulate your cat’s imagination and is currently on special offer.  It features scratching posts, dangling toys and plenty of space for just hanging out.

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