Tip 6 – Protect against disease

German Shepherd Dog with open mouthKeeping your pet healthy is a legal requirement and important for their welfare.  While not all diseases can be avoided, many can be prevented by vaccination, regular parasite control, and by providing a safe, clean environment and good food.

Vaccinations were first developed in the 18th century and have saved many millions of lives since then.  They work by injecting a small amount of a dead, weakened or part of the organism which causes disease, which then stimulates the body to react.  The immune response leads to cells and antibodies remaining in the body which are ready to respond quickly if the real disease occurs, meaning that it is eliminated from the body before it has the chance to cause problems.  Many vaccinations require regular ‘boosters’ to make sure that the immune system is always ready.

Close up of doctor with stethoscopeIn our small pet animals, dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets all require regular vaccinations.  More information about these can be found on the individual pages:

Regular veterinary check ups (at least once yearly), also enable early signs of disease to be picked up which enables more effective treatment and an improved quality of life.

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