Smoking can damage your pet’s health too

West Highland White TerrierThe dangers of passive smoking in children is well documented, but did you know that by smoking you could be putting your pet’s health at risk too?

Tobacco smoke permeates around the home and toxic particles can build up on furniture, clothes and your pet’s fur.  Exposure to tobacco smoke affects pets in a similar way to people.  It increases their risk of cancer and can cause breathing problems, or aggravate existing breathing problems such as feline asthma or chronic bronchitis (particularly common in Westies).

The best way to protect your pet (and your own!) health, is to stop smoking.

Other things you can do to minimise the risk to your pet include:

  • only smoking outside, never in the house
  • not allowing the pet access to cigarette butts or ash trays
  • wash your hands after smoking
  • regularly clean furniture, carpets and clothes to reduce the amount of toxic smoke particles sticking to them

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