Guinea pigs

3 guinea pigs eating a stalkGuinea pigs make great pets.  They are easy to handle, don’t tend to bite much and are usually very friendly.  They are social creatures and need the company of other guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs live to around 4-8 years old.  They don’t require much in the way of routine veterinary care, however should always be taken to the vet at the first sign of illness, as they are very good at hiding symptoms until the disease is quite advanced.  They have very specific dietary requirements.

Guinea pigs make a range of different noises and can be very chatty.  You will learn the meaning of their range of noises the more time you spend with them.

Guinea pigs out on grassGuinea pigs need plenty of space to exercise. They do not cope well with cold weather so are best kept indoors over winter, either in the house or a frost-free garage or shed (not in a garage if the car is kept there as the fumes are toxic).  During the summer months, however, they will greatly appreciate access to fresh grass and unlike rabbits, can’t dig their way out of runs!

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