Should I Start My Epileptic Dog On Treatment?

Head shot of Golden RetrieverSo your dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy (see post), what next?  Treatment of epilepsy does carry its own side effects so the pros and cons of treatment need to be weighed up before starting.  Treatment is also unlikely to prevent seizures completely.  The aim is just to reduce the frequency and severity.

If any of the following are true, treatment is usually advised:

  • Seizure frequency of more than once a month
  • Any seizure has lasted more than 3-5 minutes
  • Cluster seizures have happened (several seizures in 24 hour period)
  • The dog is at particular risk of injury during a seizure
  • Seizures affecting dog or owner’s quality of life

Whether or not you decide to start treatment, keeping a Seizure Diary is a really good idea to monitor any changes in the frequency and severity of seizures.  You should keep in regular contact with your vet.  If your dog is on long-term medication, regular monitoring is obligatory, but it is still recommended, even if your dog has not started treatment yet.

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