Rabbit sitting on sofaAll rabbits should be neutered prior to the onset of sexual maturity, apart from those kept for breeding.  There are many benefits to neutering:

  • less risk of fighting between rabbits housed together
  • no risk of unwanted pregnancies
  • for house rabbits, neutered rabbits are much easier to house train
  • less aggression, particularly in the females
  • prevention of womb cancer in females (over 80% of female rabbits over 4 will have this deadly disease)
  • easier to introduce new companion
  • males will be less frustrated
  • neutered rabbits live longer lives
Rabbit on table with anaesthetic mask
Rabbit recovering from anaesthetic

Neutering is the generic term for removing the reproductive organs surgically.

Spaying is neutering in female animals which involves removing the ovaries and uterus (womb).  In rabbits, it is very important that the entirety of the womb is removed to prevent womb cancer.

Castration is neutering in male animals which involves removing the testicles.  There are generally two techniques which can be used in animals – closed and open.  In rabbits, the closed procedure is the only one suitable.  Check with your vet that this is the method they use.

Frequently asked questions

Is neutering safe?

When should my rabbit be neutered?

How should I care for my rabbit before and after the operation?

How much does it cost?

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