Routine health care

Rabbit sitting in runRabbits are a lot more complicated to look after than many people think.  They are arguably the most neglected pet in Britain, despite being one of the most popular.

Rabbits have very delicate systems which don’t take much to go wrong.  Regular check ups with your vet are very important to ensure that your rabbit is healthy and to preempt any problems developing.

Annual vaccinations are vital for all rabbits, whether they live indoors or out, to protect against two deadly diseases, myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease.

Rabbits need plenty of space and exercise to keep happy and healthy.  They also need the companionship of another rabbit (or two or more).

Once of the most important aspects of keeping your rabbit healthy is diet.  Poor nutrition is the single most common cause for health problems and many of these can be fatal.

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