Rabbits – Not just for Easter!

RabbitsEvery year, many rabbits are given up to rehoming centres, or worse, left ignored and neglected in small hutches in the back garden. Easter time is a common time for people to buy rabbits without thinking about their needs, due to the ‘Easter Bunny’ effect. This year, a lot of charities and pet shops are refusing to rehome/sell their rabbits over the Easter period to try to prevent this.

“Pets at Home bans sale of rabbits during Easter”

“Charities suspend rehoming of rabbits over Easter weekend”

If you are thinking of getting a rabbit, please consider the following:

  • Rabbits need company – a neutered male/female pairing is best
  • Rabbits need an appropriate diet of lots of hay and small amounts of veg and pelleted feed
  • Rabbits need annual vaccinations
  • Rabbits need lots of exercise and stimulation with toys
  • Rabbits need a large hutch and exercise run (hutch measuring at least 6″x2″x2″ and exercise area measuring at least 8″ long)
  • Rabbits need veterinary care when they get unwell – this can cost £200-300 for simple problems and up to several thousand for more complex diseases (insurance can help with this)
  • Rabbits need careful handling or they can injure themselves and the person holding them.  They are really not suitable for young children.
  • If you know you will be able to look after rabbits properly, consider rehoming a bonded pair from a rescue centre rather than buying from a pet shop. Go to Rabbit Rehome to find bunnies in your area who need a home.

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