Is neutering safe?

If you choose a vet with experience with surgery in rabbits, surgery can be as safe as any other animal.

Ask your vet the following:

  • Rabbit recovering from anaesthesiado they tube rabbits under anaesthetic?  Particularly for spays, you want a vet who is experienced at placing a tube into the throat to supply the anaesthetic gas and oxygen.
  • what pain relief do they provide?  Rabbits are very sensitive to pain and will need a few days of pain relief after the surgery.  Not all vets will provide this as standard but if they don’t, you should still be able to ask for some.
  • where are the rabbits housed?  In an ideal world, rabbits should be housed in a separate ward away from cats and dogs as this will reduce stress levels and help their recovery.  Unfortunately, not all practices are able to provide this but if you can find a surgery that can, all the better.
  • do they recommend neutering?  If your vet does not recommend neutering your rabbit, that would suggest they are less experienced with the species so it is best to find another practice that do.

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