Microchip Your Pet!

Government ministers are currently considering making microchipping cats compulsory.  Compulsory microchipping has been in place for dogs since April 2016 and there has since been a 15% decrease in dogs handled by Local Authorities since this time, according to the Dogs Trust.

in 2018, 80% of stray cats handed in were not microchipped, making reuniting them with their owners almost impossible.

There are many advantages to having your pet microchipped:

  • If your pet goes missing or is stolen, the chances of being reunited are much higher
  • You can use microchip-controlled pet doors, ensuring that only your pet can access your house
  • If your pet is injured and handed into a vets by a member of the public, you will be able to be contacted much quicker to ensure that the treatment you want is provided
  • It is the law for dogs
  • You can use microchip-controlled pet bowls to ensure that each of your pets only eats the right food
  • You can travel with your pets under the pet travel scheme.

Once your pet is microchipped, it is really important to keep your details up to date on the microchip database.  If your pet does go missing, always inform the microchip database company as soon as possible.

Microchipping does not have to be expensive.  Some charities may provide microchipping free of charge in your area.  At Pawsitive Vet Care, we charge £10 for microchipping done in the comfort of your own home when done alongside a full health check.

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