Woman looking at Husky puppyParasites are not the most pleasant topic of conversation!  However, dogs carry quite a wide range.  Many parasites can also be transmitted to people (they are zoonotic) so prevention of infestation is important.  In most cases prevention is better than cure.  Parasites can also spread other diseases, many of which cause serious, potentially fatal, problems.

There are a myriad of different parasite prevention and treatment products on the market – some of which are good and some of which are – to put it mildly – a complete waste of money.  In general, products that require a qualified person to sell them (a veterinary surgeon, pharmacist or SQP – suitably qualified person) should work, and those you can just pick of the shelf in the supermarket or pet shop do not (in some cases they do not even claim to work!).  Don’t waste your money – buy products which have been fully tested for safety AND efficacy.

Permethrin toxicity posterThe other thing to bear in mind is that many parasite prevention products aimed at dogs are TOXIC to cats and if applied incorrectly can be fatal.  Always check the label and if you have a cat, take care when allowing your cat contact with a dog treated with one of these products and NEVER apply a dog product to your cat.

For more information about different parasites and treatment options, please follow the links below.  For even more detail, please visit the Its a jungle website.

The main parasites which affect dogs in the UK are:

Travelling pets are also exposed to:

  • Sandflies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Heartworm

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