Diet and Nutrition

Labrador puppy eating from bowlHippocrates once said ‘Let food be thy medicine’.  A good diet is important for the health and well-being of your dog.  A dog’s nutritional needs change with age and condition.  There are many good quality foods around, as well as some which are much poorer.  You may need to pay more for a good quality diet but the difference for your dog should be obvious, however a high price does not necessarily indicate good quality!

Some people think that dog’s should be fed in a similar way to wolves, however this is incorrect.  Domestication of dogs has changed their digestive system and genetic makeup so that they are more able to digest carbohydrates.

The quantity of food fed is as important as the type.  Overfeeding will lead to obesity and the many health problems that this causes, while underfeeding can also be detrimental to your dog.  If your dog is overweight, simply reducing the quantity of food will mean that he does not receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals.  A change to a specialist weight-loss diet will ensure that he feels satisfied and healthy, while still losing weight.

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