Routine health care

Black labrador puppy jumping up and licking lady's faceDogs need input from their owners to keep them healthy.  They are completely dependent on us to provide for their needs and in return will give us love and affection.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a dog is unwell, some will demonstrate it clearly, but others will be so intent on pleasing their owners that they will hide signs of illness or pain as much as possible.  It is important for your dog to be checked over at least annually by your veterinary surgeon to ensure that no signs of disease are apparent.  The earlier problems are detected, the more easily they can be solved.

Vaccinations protect your dog against a number of potentially fatal diseases.  Some need to be given annually while with others the immunity lasts for longer.  Parvovirus and distemper are the two most serious diseases which vaccination protects against and has saved the lives of millions of dogs.

Neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies, can reduce the risk of straying and some types of unsociable behaviour and, particularly in female dogs, has a number of health benefits.  It is not without certain drawbacks, however.

Dogs can play host to a number of different parasites, some of which can transmit potentially deadly diseases, others can cause human health risks as well.  Regular parasite prevention treatment is important to keep both your pet and human family safe and healthy.

Feeding your dog a good diet will go a long way to keeping him healthy and happy. Also be aware of his different behavioural needs and treat your dog like a dog, not a human, to ensure his contentment.

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