Be prepared for Brexit

If you are planning on travelling with your pet next year, you need to be aware that the requirements are likely to change after Brexit on the 29th March.  To avoid getting stuck at the border with your pet, read our important information before 29th November.

The exact requirements will depend on the deal struck with Europe.  Unfortunately, as yet no one knows what that will be.  In a no-deal Brexit, the UK is likely to have “unlisted” third country status which means that animals will have to have a blood test no less than 30 days after their rabies vaccination and then wait 3 months following a positive blood test to be able to travel.  This means that the process will take at least 4 months.  4 months prior to the 29th March is the 29th November so in order to guarantee being able to travel immediately after Brexit, your pet will need a rabies vaccination BEFORE the 29th November and a blood test BEFORE the 29th December.  For more information, visit the DEFRA website.

Parasite prevention for your pet while you are abroad is also really important to protect both them and your family.

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