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Generation Pup logoGeneration Pup is an exciting project to help us understand risk factors for health and behavioural problems in our dogs.  It is a cohort study (similar to the Children of the 90s and Bristol Cats studies) which follows puppies from their early puppyhood into adult life.  It will help researchers to find possible links between events in a puppy’s development and the development of problems in the future.

The project aims to enrol 10,000 puppies (that’s a lot of dogs!) and will mainly involve the filling in of questionnaires, although samples of hair brushings, urine, faeces, skin swabs or cheek swabs may also be useful in owners who are willing to collect these.

If you have a puppy under 16 weeks of age, they are eligible to participate so visit the Generation Pup website today.

For more information, watch the video below.

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